About Nakeytoes

Life is what happens between birth and death. What we do with that life is our own choice. I plan to make the most of it.

Nakeytoes Living focuses on the day to day activities of life. There is so much more to “We are born, then we die” and it is the intent of this site to delve into the realm of that little comma that separates those phrases. That little comma equals life. And we each have a life worth living.

My name is Melissa and, for the most part, I am a positive optimist. Life IS good and I want to share how I try to make the every day mundane activities have purpose. Because if we don’t make our life purposeful, then how can we achieve what we want out of life?

Apparently I am also a philosopher. But beyond that, I am a perimenopausal, forty-something wife, mother, and daughter. I have a passion for creating beautiful things from fabric, social media, reading, history, politics and God. Not necessarily in that order.

You’re wondering exactly where the Nakeytoes came from, aren’t you? I was trying to potty train Junior, and one popular method at the time was to let the child run around (on non-carpeted flooring) without a diaper. We called this “running around nakey butt”. Nakey, naked, you get it, right?

Anyway, one day Junior was finished using the toilet and was bent over waiting for me to wipe her. I had stepped into the hall to grab a towel when I hear this tiny toddler voice say excitedly, “Mama, I nakey toes!”. Junior was barefeet. It was so cute and so precious that the word just stuck around and now it’s my brand.

I am not your average small town housewife. Fashion and the latest trends don’t really rev my engine, but give me a 1930’s diary or access to a museum’s textile collection and I am in my element. I am a HUGE Pinterest fan, and I am on there almost daily. I adore the science behind food preservation and am passionate about home canning and dehydrating. I view school fund-raising as a challenge. Then there’s fabric. Yes, I am a fabriholic. I love, love, love the textures, the colors, the drape of fabric.

Current projects include redecorating Junior’s room, decluttering enough so that we don’t have to move, researching retirement options, and creating an employment exit plan for my husband so that he is able to stay closer to home.

As a wife, I find it difficult to be the submissive Old Testament wife. I am very strong-minded, opinionated, and stubborn. But I am no feminist. Yes, I will happily ditch the bra, but I believe men are the yin to women’s yang. I admire my husband for his high standards and morals, for his integrity and for his capacity to forgive unconditionally. It’s not easy working in the oil field with un-civilized attitudes for an educated man of quiet demeanor.

As a mother, I’m realizing that my parent’s weren’t so awful after all. Parenting definitely has it’s challenges. And my parenting style is somewhere between 1970’s hippy, June Cleaver, and Roseann Barr. Saints preserve us. I just happen to be very blessed with a well-behaved, intelligent, (mostly) quiet, healthy little girl. Really. She is currently in love with Transformers, Strawberry Shortcake, Heidi, Barbie, and of course, Elsa. Junior is a Netflix junkie, loves to ride her bike, is currently learning Jiu Jitsu, and participates in gymnastics.

As a daughter, I’m faced with the concerns of aging parents. Failing health, insufficient retirement funds, government run retirement agencies and end-of-life decisions. It won’t be long and I will also be facing decisions about moving back to Michigan to care for my parents.

As a family, we love to travel the continental US, do jigsaw puzzles, and play board games. Because my husband is gone from home so much, we cherish the time we have together. Activities are generally planned so that we can all participate. We are owned by one dog, a blonde border collie, and two cats, all of whom my husband brought home from work. We love our strays. PSA for the day: spay or neuter your pets!

I have been a certified home health aide, a receptionist, a medical billing coordinator, and a truck driver. I have visited all of the continental 48 states, and even though I currently live in Texas, I will always call Michigan home.

I adore anything with cinnamon, sweet or savory. My music tastes are very eclectic: I can listen to the Victoria Police Pipe Band one minute and then to Apocolyptica the next. My clothing is very simple: summer is shorts and t-shirts, winter is crop pants and t-shirts. My home is decorated in the CraigsList style. For now. I’m really in love with the Ektorp sofa from Ikea, but space really is an issue in this house.

I’m a mediocre cook that prefers the flavors of real ingredients to processed. Because I’m dairy allergic (not intolerant, which is different) and yeast sensitive I am a bit limited as to what I can eat. I don’t eat bread, pizza, sour cream, cheese, ice cream, or anything with MSG, which makes eating out a challenge. If it comes off a SYSCO truck, forget it. At home I tend to prefer simple, old-fashioned, farm-style food.

That, my friends, is a little bit of what makes up that comma for me in “We are born, then we die”. Tag along as I discover the rest of what that little punctuation mark has in store for me.



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