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Humorous Facebook Graphics

As you scroll through your Facebook feed, you see many comical and funny graphics with witty sayings. Per the nature of Facebook, you share them with your “friends”.

So I scoured the internet for some funny quotes and created my own series that I hop you will share with your friends. Pinning them to Pinterest will gain my eternal gratitude.

Cats Abhor Vacuums from Nakeytoes Living

I have my bagpipe instructor to thank for this one.

Whether you say I can or I can't you are always right from Nakeytoes Living

Spurred by a visit to a dreaded family member’s home…



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What I learned after I turned 40

Lessons learned after I turned 40 from Nakeytoes LivingI want to share with you what I learned after I turned 40. The majority of my friends are at least a decade older than I am. So when I was in my early 20’s I started hearing things like “When you turn 40 your body falls apart”.  Little did I know that they were right.  What they didn’t tell me, though, is that you also undergo a psychological metamorphosis.  Suddenly you realize you’re closer to retirement than you are to your college graduation. You also...

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Philosophy of Education and why you need one

My Philosophy of Education

Philosophy of Education and why you need one for your familyAs parents we need a philosophy of education. We need to know definitively what we expect from a curriculum, from the teachers and administrators, and from our children.  I have discovered how important this philosophy is to achieve the desired outcome in rearing our children. In all aspects of life.

We recently made the decision to leave the school that my daughter attends and put our support behind a brand new charter school that is opening in our area. It is...

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20 Free 18″ Doll Clothes Patterns

Twenty Free 18" Doll Clothing Patterns for American Girl Dolls

We all love free stuff and the internet is full of free 18″ doll clothes patterns. There are 18″ doll clothing designs out there for anyone that can sew.

My daughter, Junior, has finally discovered the world of dolls and like most girls her age, American Girl is forefront in her mind. However, my frugal nature balks at buying her such an expensive doll. So we opted for a couple of knock-offs. One from Target, one from Wal-Mart, and she is deliriously happy with...

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Lost Ways of the Pioneers

How many of us know how to build a spring house? Do you know how to preserve food without refrigeration? Along the same line, do you know how a smokehouse works? The ways of the pioneers have become lost to the majority of society. Fortunately the information is still out there, and various authors have condensed the information for us. The lost ways of the pioneers needs to be preserved for future generations.

waggons-332936_1920To learn more about how the pioneers did things Clic...

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DIY Car Kit

comfort car kit from Nakeytoes LivingWhile traveling, invariably I will need Tylenol or a hair clip. And because our family does so much commuting, we regularly eat in our vehicle. So food and beverage spills occur frequently, which means we need stain removers. That is why I created a customized car kit for each vehicle. And you can, too. Below is a list of items that I included in our DIY car kit which will help you create your own care kit.

To clarify, a car kit is completely separate from an...

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Illegals & The American Melting Pot

passport photoOver the last several years, illegal immigration has taken its toll on this great country. We are a country divided according to Pew Research Center. Prior to moving to Texas, my views were pretty cut and dried. I knew the crime statistics. I knew what happened to our community after the illegals moved in.

Then I moved to South Texas, where white people are the minority. Let me just say that most native Latinos despise illegal immigration just as much as...

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Scotch Eggs Recipe

Pretty Scotch Eggs from Nakeytoes LivingMany moons ago one of my hobbies was historical reenacting. I portrayed a typical working class girl of the 18th & 19th centuries.  While at an event in West Virginia, one of the food vendors make a wonderful breakfast food called Scotch Eggs. They were, of course, served the morning of the Highland Games.

Nowadays I make them as a special treat when company comes and on Christmas morning. They are fairly labor intensive, and the eggs will need to be boiled the...

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Black Bean Pico de Gallo Salad Recipe

Black Bean Pico de Gallo from Nakeytoes LivingThis Black Bean Pico de Gallo is a wonderful salsa that makes for a quick, hearty, yet light snack or a wholesome side dish. Toss some diced avacado on top, and it can be eaten as a salad.  Served with chips, it is a refreshing, tasty dip or salsa.  Placed along with the other toppings, it adds a delightful splash of color and flavor to your tacos or nachos.  Added to any entre, it becomes a lovely garnish and side dish.

If you need a quick and easy main dish,...

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Summer Stew Recipe

Summer Stew in a bowl from Nakeytoes Living 2Years ago I worked in long-term home health care taking care of the elderly. One of the patients whom I adored and became quite close to raised seven children through the Great Depression, and she taught me many of the ways she was able to stretch a meal to feed nine people. The following recipe is one such dish that could be stretched to feed a multitude. It doesn’t really have a name, so I dubbed it “Summer Stew” because it utilizes end-of-the-garden produce...

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