Casper Mattress Review: One Year Later

Why did we buy a Casper mattress?

It’s official. My husband and I have hit the mid-life crunch. Night sweats, insomnia, aches & pains. Simply, reality bites. We needed a new mattress.

When your mattress is over 10 years old, was handed down to you, and makes you toss & turn, it’s time for a change. Seth spent weeks reading mattress reviews, watching Youtube videos reviews  and nagging pestering me to read dry, stilted material on why we should get one of these new-fangled memory-foam, rolled-up-in-a-box mattresses. I finally acquiesced and after waffling for a couple of weeks on which brand to purchase, we settled on the Casper. Mainly because of their return policy.

Their return policy  states that you have one-hundred (100) nights to try out their mattress. If at the end of the 100 nights you don’t like it, simply contact the company and they will make arrangements for you to deliver it to the local charity of your choosing. Easy-peasy, right? You then get a full refund.

Our Casper mattress made it to our shipping destination very quickly (as fast as Prime shipping). You can read here about why we don’t have items shipped directly to our house. For such a large box, the mattress was surprisingly light. I’m 5’4” and lazy, but was able to lift it and put it in my vehicle. Unwieldy and awkward, but manageable.

As eager as I was, I waited until my husband came home later that evening to help me unpackage the Casper and set it in place.

My ultra-strong, super-sexy-when-he’s-helping-me husband man-handled our old mattress and moved it out of the way. Good riddance to the old pink damask mattress! (Actually, it leaned against a wall until we were sure we were keeping the Casper mattress.)

Prior to purchase, I was really concerned about off-gassing and the chemical smell. I have a super sensitive nose and strong odors can set off a migraine quality headache. After reading several reviews, I was convinced that if we opened the windows, turned on a fan or two, that the smell would be gone quickly. I was right. We waited about 2 hours to re-make the bed and when I climbed in that night, the smell was almost gone. It wasn’t even noticeable the next night.

My other concern was that the mattress was going to be too stiff. I’m fat. I like squishy things and mattresses top that list. If it were just me in the bedSleeping on a Casper mattress is like sleeping on air I would go right back to the down mattress topper I slept on for years before I got married. Bed is for resting and comfort. There is nothing like nestling down and becoming one with a bed.

You won’t get that feeling with Casper, however, this is definitely not a hotel mattress we’re dealing with here. There was enough give for me to feel like I was wrapped in a lover’s arms, but firm enough that I didn’t struggle to roll out of bed like a sea lion trying to slide off a dock into the water.

For me, the first night on a new mattress is always difficult. I admit that the following morning I was seriously contemplating calling the company and getting rid of it, but at my husband’s behest, I persevered. I’m so glad that I did, because from night #2 I slept as sound as a child who has been swimming all day.

Six months after we purchased our Casper, we ended up moving to a location closer to our daughter’s school. Those 90-mile-round-trips were exhausting, especially when done 2x a day.

My husband is a master when it comes to packing moving vehicles, and he intricately planned where the Casper would ride. We’re not sure what happened during the move, but the first night we slept on it in the new house, the mattress was as hard as a metal anvil covered with a quilt. I’ve become adjusted to it, but my poor husband, who suffers from insomnia anyway, has had difficulty. He tosses and turns frequently. No, we didn’t contact the company, because we assumed that over time it would resume its natural buoyancy. Not the case.

Would I buy another Casper mattress? In a heartbeat. It’s been a full year since we bought our Casper, and my sleep has improved greatly. If you are in need of a new mattress, I urge you to invest in a Casper. Better sleep can be achieved through modern technology.

If you’ve been undecided about which new mattress you are going to purchase, Casper is having a promotion right now that ends 6/14/17. Buy a mattress get a pool floatie! You can read more about Casper’s pool floatie promotion on their website: just clink the link at the top of their home page. This isn’t your ordinary pool noodle. They will send you an inflatable air mattress. Wow!

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  1. Erika

    When I moved to NY I was thinking about buying a Casper mattress, now that I read this I regret I didn’t. I woke up with neck and back pain almost every day 🙁


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