Funny Facebook Memes

As you scroll through your Facebook feed, you see many comical and funny graphics with witty sayings. Per the nature of Facebook, you share them with your “friends”.

So I scoured the internet for some funny quotes and created my own series that I hop you will share with your friends. Pinning them to Pinterest will gain my eternal gratitude.

Cats Abhor Vacuums from Nakeytoes Living


I have my bagpipe instructor to thank for this one.

Whether you say I can or I can't you are always right from Nakeytoes Living


Spurred by a visit to a dreaded family member’s home…




I don’t know who actually said this, but it tickled my funny bone…


Do you have a funny quote that you would like to see made into a graphic. Please leave it in the comments, and I will contact you.





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