Lost Ways of the Pioneers

How many of us know how to build a spring house? Do you know how to preserve food without refrigeration? Along the same line, do you know how a smokehouse works? The ways of the pioneers have become lost to the majority of society. Fortunately the information is still out there, and various authors have condensed the information for us. The lost ways of the pioneers needs to be preserved for future generations.

waggons-332936_1920To learn more about how the pioneers did things Click Here!

Tonight while surfing the web I happened on the preceding video. It piqued my interest and I had to stop and question whether or not I would be able to survive if society did collapse from either an economic collapse like the Great Depression or some mega natural disaster that wiped out half of the northern hemisphere. Crazy as the former sounds, war is a very real likelihood, and I can’t imagine looking into my child’s eyes and telling her there’s nothing to eat.

I will be looking further into learning how to garden here in Texas as well as long-term food preservation among other pioneer skills that have since been lost by modern society. If you are interested in such information, take a look at the video and then purchase the information to help you learn how to live like Laura Ingalls did Little House on the Prairie.

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