Why Aren’t You Running Toward Your Destiny?

What are you waiting for? What is holding you back? Why are you letting the opinions of people whose thoughts, goals and dreams don’t align with yours dictate where you are in life? Why are you not running toward your dreams and visions? I don’t have a degree in psychology nor do I stand in front of millions of people like Tony Robbins, who by the way, is a fabulous speaker when you need a kick to get you going.

This morning a good friend posted the following Youtube video on her Facebook wall. She has gone through a divorce and become the sole provider for two beautiful little girls, yet she hasn’t let that keep her down. She has an indomitable spirit and she is running.

For far too many years I have waited patiently for my husband to lead us to wealth, to property-ownership, to comfortable retirement. I’m tired of waiting. I’m tired of not having a plan. I want to run toward success and the future I have dreamed of.

I was born with BPES. I allowed it to drag me down, I allowed it through the comments of others to crush my spirit. I was not born pretty. Because of my odd features, I will never be considered beautiful. Constant teasing and ridicule were normal during my formative years. I allowed BPES to be an excuse not to achieve what I wanted out of life.

Then one day, a comment from a friend changed my whole world. She mentioned on Facebook that I have a doppelganger. Me? Someone who looks like me? How can that be? I am the only one with a messed up face with odd eyes that won’t close completely, super-arched eyebrows that always make me look surprised, and a flat bridge to my nose.

I clicked on the Youtube video and lo and behold, she was RIGHT. This young woman did indeed look just like me. Down to the long, dirty blonde hair. I had to see more. To my surprise, she has two sisters AND a mom with the same features. How could this be?  Thank God for Google.

After a quick search for “eyelid disorders” I had my answer. Blepharophimosis Ptosis Epicanthus Inversus Syndrome.

That was 2 ½ years ago. My life has changed completely and I no longer allow my features to dictate who I am and where I’m headed. My self-confidence has grown, and by golly, I’m ready to run.

I can’t begin to articulate how much I needed this message this morning. Blogging is hard. Building a business from the ground up is hard. Being a mom and wife are hard. Some days just being me is hard. But I have a destiny to catch. So I run.

I haven’t figured this whole blogging thing out yet. It takes time to find your blogging tribe and express material that resonates with people. But I will get there. I will keep running. I’m only half-way through my life and there’s so much more that I want to accomplish. I am going to run.

How about you? Are you going to let life’s setbacks keep you from achieving what you desire? Are you going to wallow in self-pity or are you going to embrace life and keep moving forward?

If you are running, how are you doing? If you need a boost, how can I help? Let me know in the comments. I love to engage with my readers and if I can be the motivation you need today, let me know.








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